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EagleEye Deluxe: The New Handsfree ASTM Compliant Inspection Lamp from Spectroline is Launched

Spectroline NDT, supply partner of Pexa Ltd, have launched a brand-new inspection lamp: the EagleEye™ DELUXE (EK-3000SC). The Inspection Kit frees NDT inspector hands during magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections and can be used in any fluorescent inspection application. It makes magnetic particle testing a one-person job in any field. The kit comes complete with the EE-365SC UV-A/white light LED lamp with a lanyard, a head strap, a lamp mount, two replacement splash guards with integral particulate filters, two spare rechargeable batteries, a battery charging cradle with AC/DC cord sets, UV-absorbing spectacles and a padded carrying case.

Key features:

  • ASTM Compliant for all fluorescent inspection
  • ASTM E3022-15 Compliant
  • Meets ISO EN 3059 specifications for inspection
  • Integral black-light filters in faceplate minimize violet hue
  • Lamp can be worn on hard hat, or mounted on spray can
  • Upgraded splash guards keep lamp dry
  • Long-lasting UV-A lenses protect against solarisation
  • Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (included)
  • Provides up to 90 minutes of continuous inspection
  • NEW and IMPROVED grip for mounting on any spray can!

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