Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Sherwin Babbco provides a variety of ready to use or concentrated magnetic particle products. They can be in liquid or aerosol formats in red, black, fluorescent and dual colours and are used for non-surface breaking defects in any light conditions. Innovative solutions include background paint which is easy to remove and non-flammable aerosols.

Products include: carrier fluids, cleaners, background paints, magnetic powder concentrates, visible products, fluorescent products and high temperature products

Approvals include: AMS 2641A, AMS 3040C, AMS 3041E, AMS 3042D, AMS 3043D, AMS 3044E, AMS 3045E, AMS 3046E, ASME, ASTM E 1444, AEF-SR-02052/01-5198, Dassault, DGQT-, DoD-F-87935, EADS-IGC 0425-106A, ISO 9934-2, NF F 00-090, PMUC, RCCM, Rolls-Royce CSS231/CSS266, SNECMA DMR70-520, TURBOMECA-CCT 00616


Magnetic Particle System Technical Datasheets

Magnetic Ink

B103C Black Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3043
778A Fluorescent Magnetic Ink Green/Yellow AMS304
820A Black Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3042
850A Red Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3042
B101C Magnetic Particle Ink


B104A White MPI Contrast Background
B102A Background


B105 Degreaser and Remover for White Background


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