Sub Aquatic MPI

Sub Aquatic Magnetic Particle Inspection


Products: BW1 dual purpose white & Actinic Blue LED hipower flashlight & yellow visor (LED light source water-resistant to 500 feet and more robust than mercury vapour lamps for subsea applications), UW1 underwater powder to be used with white light illuminance – UVa irradiance and actinic blue – 900g box

The BW1 Waterproof NDT inspection light is sufficient for MPI testing above and below water. Users can switch between an intense blue 3W LED and a white LED light. The blue LED makes it much easier to inspect material under low light conditions as it intensifies fluorescence. It’s strength and endurance means that the LED will continue to work if it is subject to minor hits. It has an instant on/off function and consumes low power when operating. The BW-1inspection light is also supplied with a filter visor to fit over a face mask. The visor makes underwater MPI easier to carry out in daylight as it removes unwanted blue light and makes the ambient light slightly darker. The light can also be used alongside UW1 underwater MPI inspection media. 




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